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RegKing v1.6 - The Ultimate Hack Tool for Beginners!

Install and uninstall registry hacks.  This is designed to be very easy for users to update their Pocket PCs.   

Version 1.5 (02/12/01) fixes minor bugs including scroll bars for the description, adding a null to strings, and the dialog box problem when exiting.  You must uninstall the original version before installing the new one.  The old one is listed under Information Appliance Associates - RegKing.  This is too large to see on the Pocket PC's uninstall program.  This has been fixed as well to show IAA RegKing for easier identification in the future.

RegKing Database Version 3/15/2001, By Chris De Herrera.  
Copy the new regking.cdb to \My Documents after installing RegKing above on your Pocket PC to install these features.  Also you must close RegKing prior to copying the new database.
Note:  These registry hacks are not supported by Microsoft or any of the hardware manufacturers.  For background information on registry hacks visit the Pocket PC Registry Tweaks.  

  1. Makes Pocket IE pretend to be IE 5.5 - Should allow you to access Secure websites like banking or brokerage houses. Right now most sites just check the browser's version and if it is less than 4.02 it does not allow you access. PIE by default reports IE 3.02 so you won't get access.

  2. Enables ClearType in all HTML Applications including AvantGo - Fixed in this release.

  3. Change AvantGo Channels to \Storage Card\AvantGo (must create directory, copy files and resync)

  4. Allows Media Player to play in high quality in background - no more pauses!

  5. Set Glyph Cache to 16384 - Makes graphics rendering faster

  6. Set Glyph Cache to 26384 - Makes the Jornada 540 work faster

  7. Set TCPWindowSize to 65535 - Increase the buffer size for TCP/IP.

  8. Casio/iPAQ Right/Left Keys in Media Player in ROM

  9. Casio/iPAQ Right/Left Keys in Windows Media Player 7.0

  10. Show JavaScript errors in Pocket Internet Explorer - Handy for web developers.

  11. Increases the display fonts on the system to 16 points from the default of 14 - Requires Soft Reset

  12. Increases the display fonts on the system to 15 points from the default of 14 - Requires Soft Reset

  13. Decrease the display fonts on the system to 12 points from the default of 14 - Requires Soft Reset

  14. Decrease the display fonts on the system to 11 points from the default of 14 - Requires Soft Reset

  15. Makes the system display font bold - Requires Soft Reset

  16. Makes the system display font italc - Requires Soft Reset

  17. Change Font to Frutiger Linotype - the same font as Reader uses - Requires Soft Reset

You can perform 15 through 17 in addition to changing the font size.


RegKing Making Registry Changes Easy on the Pocket PC by Rich Hall, Pocket PC Magazine - "RegKing is a great way to fine tune your Pocket PC. As long as Chris keeps updating this programs with new hacks, I'm going to keep checking back and re-installing RegKing on my Pocket PC."

Download RegKing to your Pocket PC!

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