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Pocket PC Bugs - Casio
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000-2002

 Version 1.16  Revised 8/31/2002

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Here is a list of bugs that people have reported with their Casio Cassiopeia Pocket PCs.  Whenever possible, I will list how the problem has been resolved.   This page does not address hardware issues where components fail due to mishandling.  Submit your bugs to [email protected] PC FAQ and I will add them here.

This bug list does not represent the views of Microsoft or the hardware manufacturers to identify or resolve issues with their products. The issues listed here may or may not be addressed by Microsoft and/or the hardware manufacturers as they see fit. All items listed are based on reports from users which may or may not be accurate.

French Translation -

Date Added Device Problem Description Resolution


12/20/00 EM-500, E-125 Humming noise from the unit when it is on. The buzz appears to be coming from the backlight on some units.  Contact Tech Support.
11/30/00 EM-500 Problem playing some games such as PacMan Install GAPI 1.2 from Microsoft.
10/31/00 EM-500, E-125 Inability to complete a full backup using the provided USB cable Install Update 1.04 from Casio.  It resolves this issue.
10/29/00 E-115 Infrared Communications may be intermittent with synchronization and cell phones Contact Casio Support for an updated infrared driver. Version 2.20 is the latest as of this writing.
10/29/00 EM-500, E-125 Intermittent speaker clicking or popping Contact Tech Support.

Submit your bugs to [email protected] PC FAQ and I will add them here.  Include the device you are using and the steps that you took to confirm the issue. Please indicate whether or not I may publish your name as the submitter of the problem.

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