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Pocket PC Bugs - Hewlett Packard
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000-2002

 Version 1.16  Revised 2/262002

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Here is a list of bugs that people have reported with their Hewlett Packard Jornada Pocket PCs.  Whenever possible, I will list how the problem has been resolved.   This page does not address hardware issues where components fail due to mishandling.  Submit your bugs to [email protected] PC FAQ and I will add them here.

This bug list does not represent the views of Microsoft or the hardware manufacturers to identify or resolve issues with their products. The issues listed here may or may not be addressed by Microsoft and/or the hardware manufacturers as they see fit. All items listed are based on reports from users which may or may not be accurate.

Date Added Device Problem Description Resolution

Hewlett Packard

11/5/01 Jornada 540, 545, 548 Occasionally the Jornada will ask you to format the Compact Flash (Type I) card for use with the Pocket PC or it will sometimes not recognize the card without a soft reset. Submitted by Marc Howe There is a fix for this for the Jornada 430/430SE on HP's website. This worked fine for me. One note is that after a soft reset on battery power, the Jornada will ask if it should use the card on battery power or not.

The fix is simple...unzip (it's a self-extracting .zip file) the drivers, copy the "pcmcia.dll" to the Windows folder on the Pocket PC. It will query for the overwrite, just tell the user to select yes. Also, it might be a good idea to first copy the original pcmcia.dll to a dir on the user's hard drive, just in case.

11/20/00 Jornada 540, 545, 548 If you go to HP Preferences and check the button to disable the hotbuttons when the power is off, and then do a soft reset, the box will magically uncheck itself (and thus re-enable the hotbuttons again).  Open Issue
11/4/00 Jornada 540, 545, 548 Leave the Jornada off for the requisite amount of time for the password feature to be enabled (15 minutes in my case). Turn it on, off and on again very quickly and you bypass the password request screen. This is a known issue with Hewlett Packard's password security program which replaced Microsoft's security program.
10/31/00 Jornada 540, 545, 548 I have my Jornada set up to ask for a password if it hasn't been used for 15 minutes, but in the morning when the alarm goes off if I let it ring twice, and hit the dismiss button twice I get into the machine without having to enter a password.  This is a known issue with Hewlett Packard's password security program which replaced Microsoft's security program. A workaround is to not enable the delay.
10/29/00 Jornada 540, 545, 548 Can not sync via USB Cable The fourth pin from the left may be bent so it does not make contact.  Just bend it back into place.
10/29/00 Jornada 540, 545, 548 Display shows 4096 colors not 65536 as originally advertised. HP was offering to refund your purchase.  Contact HP support for details. Must contact HP by 11/22/00

Submit your bugs to [email protected] PC FAQ and I will add them here.  Include the device you are using and the steps that you took to confirm the issue. Please indicate whether or not I may publish your name as the submitter of the problem.

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