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Casio Cassiopeia A-20 Facts FAQ
By Casio

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As a service to the Windows CE community, Pocket PC FAQ is offering these files provided by Casio. No affiliation exists between Pocket PC FAQ and Casio USA, Inc.


  • The cradle for the A-20 is the A-D10LC.
  • The rechargeable battery pack for the A-20 is A-B10LT. To charge the battery pack, load it into the unit (in place of the AA batteries), then connect the AC adapter. No other charger is needed.
  • The AD-C50150U AC adapter, CR-A10 large docking station, CR-M10 mini docking station, NH-10A rechargeable battery pack, and CH50150A battery charger do not work with the A-20. Likewise, the A-20 accessories listed above do not work with older Cassiopeia models.
  • If, after performing a soft reset, the message "A problem with memory contents has been found, and memory must be initialized." appears, you must go through the set up screens again. After that, copy any important files to the computer, and perform a full reset.
  • The backlight will not turn on if batteries are low.
  • You can type extended characters by holding ALT and typing the character's numeric code in decimal or hexadecimal. Single-digit decimal codes require that a 0 (zero) be entered first--for example, ALT+01 rather than ALT+1. Hexadecimal codes require that a 0 and then an X be entered first.
  • The only printers that are supported at this time are those that use PCL3 drivers.
  • The Casio Service Pack will improve the following functions: 1) Backlight control when using the AC adapter 2) Performance of serial data communications, including infrared data communications. Install CASIO Service Pack for these improvements.
  • CASIO (Paint-Atlas, Sound-Vega, Hyper-memo, Service Pack)* applications are designed to be run on the CASIO CASSIOPEIA A-20 only. They cannot be run on the A-11A SUPER or Z-E21UK.
  • ATTENTION WINDOWS NT WORKSTATION USERS: You may have some difficulties installing some of the applications found on this CD. Ensure you have the latest Windows NT Service Pack from Microsoft installed on your PC.
  • ATTENTION WINDOWS NT SERVER USERS: If the error message "Cannot open 16 bit applications" appears during an "NT Server" install, we recommend you copy the contents of the appropriate Installer folder(s) to a temporary directory on your local hard drive, then run the "setup" application from your hard drive. After the application has been successfully installed onto your system, the temporary directory can be deleted. If you are still having difficulty installing on a Windows NT Server, please contact the appropriate software developer for further information.
  • The serial cable included with the A-20 is designed for communication with a desktop computer and cannot be plugged directly into a serial printer.
  • The serial cable included with the A-20 is designed for communication with a desktop computer and cannot be plugged directly into a serial printer.

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