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Press Releases

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iPAQ Screen Dust Rework Released

We have released a screen rework to help with the dust problem.  We open the screen assembly and clean it (some specs cannot be removed without damaging the screen).

We then apply the Compaq solution, which is using a special anti-static polymide tape to seal the four corners of the screen.  This rework "should" eliminate about 95% of the dust problem.  We do seal the screen a little differently than Compaq.  We seal the areas a little tighter than they do.  The cost is $15 if done while we are upgrading your unit to 64MB.  The cost is $30 + shipping if done separately.

email: [email protected]
Portable Computer Enhancements
Home of the iPAQ 64MB Upgrade
TF: 888-301-2595

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