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Pocket Plot 1.0.0 BETA is now available

I need beta-testers for my new application, download it from Handango and send bug-reports and suggestions to me ([email protected]). I have only tested it on a Casio Cassiopeia EM-500 so I need to know if it works on other Pocket PC's.
Download from:

This product is still in it's BETA-phase and it will stop working after July 1. It will be available for registration soon, and it will then cost about $10.

Pocket Plot is a function plotter for Pocket PC, it can plot up to 10 functions in different colors at the same time, and you can use the stylus to pan (in real time), zoom and trace.
  • Fast plotting
  • Advanced expression parser
  • Real-time panning
  • Plot up to 10 functions
  • Adjustable viewport
  • Supports landscape-mode
  • Configurable grid and axes
  • Small executable

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