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Press Releases

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Pocket Painter, a new image processing and painting software for Pocket PC is announced in July

With Pocket Painter, you have different types of pens (more than 10 types). It includes pencil, paintbrush, water pen, oil pen, wax pen, crayon, chalk, ¡Ketc. A lot of image effects and filters are also provided in Pocket Painter. It is really a good news for those who enjoy painting or the experts of digital camera with CF interface.

Any time, any place when you get any inspiration, you can paint your colorful idea with Pocket Painter.

The list price of Pocket Painter is US$24.95, and a limited trial version of Pocket Painter is provided now for trying before you buying.

You may download the trial version of Pocket Painter from the following web site:

1. PocketGear 
2. Handango 

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