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iPocket Bungee Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
 Version 1.00  Revised 2/11/2002

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The iPocket Bungee offers a wrist strap for the iPAQ Pocket PC 3100/3600/3700/3800.  It requires the user to have and use a sleeve or jacket.  The nylon version is available for $15.95 in multiple colors.  They just added a leather version for $24.95.

Using the iPocket Bungee

The iPocket Bungee squeezes between the sleeve and the iPAQ.  This spreads the sleeve slightly.  Also you may have to press the sleeve to align the connector of the sleeve when the iPocket Bungee is installed. I suggest placing the strap on the left side if you are holding the iPAQ in your left hand or the right side if you are holding the iPAQ in your right hand.  Once it is installed, it works very well and does allow the user to not worry about dropping or having the iPAQ slip out of your hands. One caveat in using the iPocket Bungee is that it is not compatible with the silver slider since it does not cover the whole side of the iPAQ.


I suggest using the iPocket Bungee when you are going to hold your iPAQ for extended periods of time.  I've used mine when I gone to tradeshows and I am holding my iPAQ.  Be careful when you install it or have it clipped to your belt.

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