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HP Jornada 680 Extended Battery Reviewjchristian.gif (60923 bytes)

By Jim Christian,    Version 1.0  Copyright 1999
Associate Editor of Windows CE Magazine at
and Compuserve (GO) Palmtop Sysop

All Trademarks are owned by their respective companies.

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I just took delivery of HP J680's Extended battery, #F1282A. I paid around a hundred bucks from

HP's web site specs say: "The extended battery provides 3 times more capacity than the standard battery for up to 21 hours* of uninterrupted use! Perfect for those long flights or marathon business meetings. In this box: Extended battery and user instructions. *Estimated battery life. Actual battery life will vary based on usage"

Here's my short GOOD, BAD and UGLY review.


1. I have never had the battery light go on with the way I use my J680 so HP's battery life specs are somewhat on target. I believe the above 21 hours*. This is obviously referencing that the modem is not used and the screen brightness is optimized.

2. I may have to go to Europe this year so it will be a blessing for that long trip >15 hr trip w/o the capability of a recharge.

3. In my experience HP stands behind their products.

4. I have been charging it for 3+- hours in the cradle and the red light just went to green. I guess that's Good?

5. It's purple to match the Jornada series. Even the bottom is purple which clashes with the black bottom of the J680.

6. It's loaded with 6 x 3.6 volt AA LiON (Lithium Ion) cells.

7. It sticks out so much the portion that does acts as sort of a handle.

8. It weighs 10 oz. Assuming the standard battery is 3.5 oz, it adds 6.5 oz to the overall weight, which coincidentally is 23.5 oz, or 3 oz. more than the 620/660. It's lighter than the 620/660 with their extended battery.

9. How much is a standard laptop battery, which will only provide 2.5-3.0 hrs, if you're lucky?

10. I won't need the AC adapter, which is certainly more bulky than the extended battery.

11. If you spend a lot of time on the web or connected to a network and away from a AC adapter, this is a good solution.

12. The battery extension out the back gives somewhat more stability when on an airplane tray. It sorta keeps it from sliding around.

1. It's immense along side the J680 and not installed. I would guess about 1/2 to 2/3rd the size of the J680.

2. It weighs 10 oz, so assuming the standard battery is 3.5 oz, it adds 6.5 oz to the overall weight, which coincidentally is 23.5oz, or is 3 oz more than the 620/660. It's lighter than the 620/660 with an extended Battery,

3. It's around $100.

4. It makes the svelte, clean & mean, J680 cumbersome in size and weight. It no longer fits in a mans coat pocket unless you're an NBA player...and it would be too large & heavy for most women's purses. One can no longer call it a palm-top as it is now a briefcase-top.

5. I may carry it as a backup while traveling, adding more weight and bulk. I will always carry my AC adapter for emergencies.

6. HP's accompanied docs say 18 hrs battery life while their web site says 21*. Get you stories together HP.

1. Man, is it? It extends out the back upwardedly so to hold the screen section in a predetermined angle.

Would I buy it again? Maybe not, unless I've got alot of international flying or web surfing to do. 18 or 21 hours is unbelievable, though, for those who must have it. Maybe a 2nd standard battery is a better solution for you? See a picture & more data on at at HP's web site:

Jim Christian
Compuserve's (GO) Palmtop Sysop
Assistant Editor of Handheld PC Mag
Associate Forum Manager of MSN Windows CE Forum
Contributing Editor to Chris De Herrera's CEWindow.NET

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