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Smart Phone 2002 (Code Name Stinger)
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000-2002, All Rights Reserved.
Revised 2/28/2002

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What is it?

Recently, Microsoft has been showing users a smart phone with features similar to the Windows Powered Pocket PC embedded in it. It is rumored to have a color display as well. Microsoft has not publicly announce the product or when it will be released.  Licensees include Samsung, and Sony.  Microsoft also anticipates that it will be useable with one hand.  the screen display is 176 x 222 pixels.  Some units will have color displays while others will have gray scale displays. Microsoft is integrating the ability to synchronize with Exchange into the Smart Phone 2002.

Microsoft Stinger Prototype
Stinger Prototype


Microsoft Smart Phone Platform

Finally! Microsoft's Stinger gets the phone/PDA combo right
Microsoft's Waldman sets sights on Palm, cell phone makers
- An Interview with Ben Waldman
First look at MS 'Stinger'-based phone
Microsoft gears up for wireless Web
Spy Photo: The "Stinger" Windows CE Phone
Siemens and Casio revealed MultiMobile prototype - Includes picture of a prototype

Siemens and Casio revealed MultiMobile prototype - First joint device in the wireless Internet market -2/24/00
Casio and Siemens cooperate to enter fast emerging wireless Internet devices market - 12/15/99

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