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1. Q: Can I change the language of my Windows Mobile Device?
A: Unfortunately you cannot change the language of most Windows Mobile Devices. Their roms only contain one lanaguage. With Windows Mobile 6 OEMs can create a device with more than one language. To change the language in Windows Mobile 6 you must perform a hard reset.

2. Q: Will my data be there when I run the battery dead?
A: If you have a Windows Mobile 5.0 or later device your data will be available after the battery is restored. All prior Windows Mobile devices do not retain the data after the battery is discharged.

3. Q: My Pocket PC won't respond or responds in the wrong place when I use a stylus on the display?
A: The touch screen (digitizer) is failing. This is hardware issue that you can resolve by having the digitizer replaced. You can contact Pocket PC Techs for repairs in the US.

4. Q: Can I open Office 2007 format documents?
A: Right now there is no support to open Office 2007 format documents. During 3Q2007 Microsoft will release an update to support the new XML file format for Office 2007. This update will be for Windows Mobile 6 devices.

5. Q: Do Windows Mobile devices run the same applications as Windows PCs do?
A: Windows Mobile devices are not able to run the same applications as your PC. Windows Mobile devices do not use x86 processors like your PC does. Instead they use ARM based processors.


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