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Phone Numbers for Services:
Click on the link and your Windows Mobile device will promt you to call the number!

Caltrans Highway Conditions - Call Caltrans voice activated hotline for the latest Highway Conditions in California

Bank of America Mobile
Wells Fargo Mobile
Wacovia Bank

Shipping - Call:
DHL Express - Call DHL Express to track a package
Federal Express - Call Federal Express to track a package
UPS - Call UPS to track a package

Airlines - Call:
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
AmericaWest Airlines
Delta Airlines
Horison Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Mexicana Airlines
United Airlines


Bev Howard's Mobile Device Acces Doppler Radar Find out what the latest doppler weather radar looks like nationwide.
Emoze - Free push e-mail alternative to Exchange
LogMeIn - Free remote access to your PC - supports access from your Windows Mobile 2003/5.0/6 Pocket PC!
Mail2Web - Free Exchange E-mail including Exchange ActiveSync
Skweezer - Reformat desktop web pages to work better and load faster on your Windows Mobile Device.
http://www.google.com/mobile/winmo/Google's Mobile Applications - Latitude, Maps, GMail, Photos, etc.
http://tags.microsoft.com/Microsoft Tags - A cool way to transfer data via Windows Mobile's Camera!

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