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Compact .NET Framework Performance
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2003, All Rights Reserved.

Revised 8/10/2003

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These tests demonstrate that the new generation Windows Mobile 2003 devices are a superior platform compared to the Pocket PC 2002 for developing and deploying business applications using the Compact .Net technology. Special thanks to MVP Alex Feinman who created the tests.  You can perform your own testing by downloading the test program and source code from Alex's website.  Feel free to e-mail me the results and I'll add them here.


Windows Mobile 2003

Pocket PC 2002

Device iPAQ  5555 iPAQ 2215 iPAQ 1940 HTC Pocket PC Phone Edition iPAQ 3650 iPAQ 3600 Axim V HP iPAQ 5455 Toshiba e740
CPU PXA 255 PXA 255 Samsung S3C2410 StrongARM 1110 StrongARM 1100 StrongARM 1100 PXA 250 PXA 250 PXA 250
CPU Speed 400 MHz 400 MHz 266 MHz 206 MHz  206 MHz 206 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz
Load XML 110,000,000-160,000,000 120,000,000 90,000,000-110,000,000 220,000,000 140,000,000 340,000,000 650,000,000 720,000,000 750,000,000
DataTable.Select 20,000,000-30,000,000 20,000,000 20,000,000 30,000,000 20,000,000 50,000,000 90,000,000 110,000,000 90,000,000
Populate Combobox 60,000,000-70,000,000 50,000,000 40,000,000 80,000,000 60,000,000 130,000,000 180,000,000 210,000,000 170,000,000
SelectNodes (xml) 20,000,000-40,000,000 40,000,000 20,000,000-30,000,000 30,000,000 40,000,000 120,000,000 200,000,000 240,000,000 230,000,000
sqlcedatareader 320,000,000 340,000,000 280,000,000-310,000,000 460,000,000 370,000,000 930,000,000 1,440,000,000 1,640,000,000 1,5100,000,000
Shuffle Controls 340,000,000-350,000,000 440,000,000 280,000,000-290,000,000 410,000,000 320,000,000 600,000,000 1,330,000,000 1,710,000,000 1,640,000,000
Submitted By Chris Theorin Chris De Herrera Chris Theorin Chris De Herrera


Robert Levy Alex Feinman

Tony Su

Tony Su


  1. Lower is better

  2. All times are quoted in ticks

  3. Up to a 10% variance can occur between successive runs

  4. SQL Server CE was installed in RAM on all devices

  5. Compact .NET Runtime was installed in RAM on Pocket PC 2002 devices

  6. Compact .NET Runtime is in rom on the Windows Mobile 2003 devices

  7. No other applications were running in the background


iPAQ 2215 vs.
HTC PPCPE (2003)
iPAQ 2215 vs. iPaq 3600 (2002) iPAQ 2215 vs. Axim V
183% 283% 542%
150% 250% 450%
160% 260% 360%
75% 300% 500%
135% 274% 424%
93% 136% 302%

Tests - Scope

Scenario 1: Loading XmlDocument from an xml file. This primarily tests performance of XML Parser when loading a document without known schema
Scenario 2: Selecting rows from a DataTable. Tests DataSet operations
Scenario 3: Populating ComboBox by setting its DataSource to a DataTable
Scenario 4: XML getElementsByTagName operation - a basic XML query. Tests XML parser
Scenario 5: SQLCeCommand.ExecuteReader call - performs a select query on a 500 row table without indices, that returns int, double and string columns
Scenario 6: Adding new controls to the form and repositioning all existing controls at the same time. Very slow when it reaches 30+ controls

Why is Windows Mobile 2003 Faster?

Overall I believe that the increased speed for the Windows Mobile 2003  is attributed to the new core operating system of Windows CE 4.2 and the installation of the Compact .NET framework in rom.  Further I believe that the cache size of the CPU and the ram bus speed greatly influence the performance as well.  So if you are developing applications using the Compact .NET Framework, I suggest that you use Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PCs whenever possible.

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